lazy mushroom bites and leftover pasta

This is a truly easy recipe… It is a very good idea if you are having people over and you are running out of
time, but you still want to make something for them instead of the regular pizza or chips.

I try to use everything I’ve got in my kitchen and not throw away food, so this post is actually two recipes.
You can use whatever mushrooms you like. You can have large mushroom bites with the portobello kind, or smaller ones with whatever you find at your local store (always fresh of course).
For the mushroom filling you will have to make a tomato sauce, for which you will need
1 red onion
1 clove of garlic
1 tin of tomato paste
5 slices of cheese
3 tbsp olive oil
Heat a pan and add the olive oil. Meanwhile chop the onion and the garlic and add them to your pan, when it’s hot. The moment you see the onion losing its color and the garlic getting goldish add the tomato paste and cook in low heat for about 25 minutes. In the last minutes you can add oregano or, even better, thyme.
While your tomato sauce is getting ready wash your mushrooms really well and remove their base by hand. Don’t throw it away, as you will need it for recipe #2.
When your tomato sauce is done, lay the mushrooms in a large pan upside down and fill them with the sauce. Then cover them with thin slices of cheese (any kind) or sprinkle grated cheese over them.

Bake until the cheese becomes golden brown and serve warm.

Now, with the rest of your ingredients, which are the tomato sauce (clearly you haven’t used all of it, unless you are filling 2 dozens of mushrooms) and the base of the mushrooms you can make a lovely mushroom pasta, add some spearmint leaves on it when its done and voila! You have a lovely, light dish to indulge in, while waiting for your guests!


pistachio pie

This was a true surprise for me, since I have come across this recipe quite often and never really decided to give it a try. If I left out the part that I was unable to find pistachios without their shell, and I had to actually open each one of all those you see in the picture (oh, yes, I totally destroyed my fingers, let alone my manicure)… I would say this is a pretty easy recipe, which leads you to a really delicious desert! Never mind the calories, it is too early too start worrying about our bodies in bathing suits! Enjoy 🙂what_
1 piece of pastry (300 – 350gr)
225 gr fresh butter
250 gr sugar
3 eggs, preferably organic
125gr soft flour
250 gr pistachio, powdered
15 plums, seedless

Start by mixing together in medium or high speed the butter, the sugar and slowly add the pistachios, for about 8 minutes.
Then, add one by one the eggs, and when you see the batter becoming fluffy, we stop beating, add the flour and start mixing it with a spatula softly, until the mixture becomes homogeneous. In a 24cm wide pan we spread the pastry, so that its edges are covering our pan.
Use a fork to make small holes all over your pastry and then pour in the pistachio cream. Dig in the plums and let it cool for approximately half an hour. Then bake in preheated oven at 180 C for about an hour. After you take it out of the oven let it cool for a while and decorate with confectioner’s sugar.